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  • Vanity Style & Finish

    Between build-your-own and furniture-style vanity options, finding the vanity that suits your style, size, configuration and finish is incredibly easy today. But before you get too far down the path of choosing, it’s helpful to know just what’s available, what can be customized and what can’t.

  • Choose Your Vanity Type

    If you prefer to have all the details already worked out and ready-made, you probably want to go with a furniture-style vanity. If, on the other hand, you enjoy working out the details and choosing each different element, explore the build-your-own option.

  • Furniture-Style


    These vanities are in the box and ready to go. You have the opportunity to choose the finish and size, but the design details have been carefully considered for you. 

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  • Build-Your-Own


    Each element of these vanities can be tailored to suit your style and storage needs. From design style and leg type to drawer configuration and hardware, you choose from a range of options to create the look and structure just right for you. 

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  • Choose Your Design Style

    Choose Your Design Style

    Vanities design styles run the gamut from traditional to modern and most everything in between. Keep in mind that while your home may be one style or another, you aren’t limited to that style as you choose a vanity. More and more interior designers are mixing old and new, traditional details with modern lines. The results are fresh and stunning. If you discover a design that you love, whether it’s traditional, transitional, or modern–find a way to make it work. 

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  • Choose Your Finish

    Choosing your finish can be difficult if you don’t have an immediate preference. Each one has its own persuasive beauty. To help narrow the field, think about your space and which would coordinate better: warm gold and cherry hues or cool gray-toned finishes. Also, consider if you prefer to see the natural wood grain through a finish or if painted woods appeal to you more.

  • Painted


    Painted finishes have an opaque quality so the wood itself is not visible through the paint color. Paint finishes are also slightly more matte in texture than stain. 

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  • Stained


    Stained finishes allow the wood’s natural grain to shine through. The wood absorbs the stain color but isn’t hidden by it. Expect variations in grain, color, and pattern that will change over time with exposure to temperature and light. 

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