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  • Vanity Tops

    If you’ve chosen a vanity, you’ll need to find a coordinating vanity top to complete the design. In general, there are two paths to choose a single top with a counter and an integrated lavatory or choose a countertop and a separate under-mount, drop-in or vessel lavatory.

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  • Know Your Faucet First

    Your lavatory faucet will determine the number of holes, if any, drilled into the vanity top or countertop. You will want to select a vanity top or countertop that is predrilled with the correct number of holes (zero, one or three) to accommodate your faucet choice. 
    For more information, review our Bathroom Lavatory Faucets Guide.

  • Material

    Vanity tops come in several different materials. The number of material options increases if you decide to choose to combine a separate countertop and sink. Colors match perfectly across all bathroom fixtures, regardless of material.

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  • Cast Iron

    Cast Iron

    Enameled cast iron is made by sifting or spraying what’s called frit or powdered glass onto molten cast iron. The two fuse and harden into a durable enamel in a range of deep, rich colors.

  • Vitreous China

    Vitreous China

    Vitreous china sinks are fired to be highly durable and easy-to-clean. 

  • Solid Surface

    Solid Surface

    A composite material designed to durable as well as versatile. 

  • Configuration

    Most vanities accommodate a single sink that is either seamlessly integrated into the vanity, fitted to a cutout in the countertop, or mounted on top of a solid countertop. 

    However, vanities that are 60” or more can be configured to hold two sinks for a master bathroom setting.

  • Vanity Top

    Vanity Top

    Integrated tops and sinks offer a seamless, easy-to-clean all-in-one solution for your space. Available with one or two basins in a range of sizes and complementary colors.

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  • Cutout Countertop & Sink

    Cutout Countertop & Sink

    A countertop with a cutout is another option for your vanity. Selecting this option allows you to choose from a wide range of under-mount and drop-in sink designs and you may mix and match the color of your sink and countertop. Available with one or two basins in a range of sizes and complementary colors.

  • Solid Countertop & Sink

    Solid Countertop & Sink

    The final option for your vanity and sink combination is a solid countertop paired with a vessel-style sink. A vessel-style sink rests on the countertop and makes more of a statement. If the countertop and vanity are large enough, two vessel-style sinks are also an option.

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