Shower Walls and Bases Guide

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  • Shower Walls

    Shower wall systems can give you the look of stone or tile without all the care and maintenance that comes with grout. You can create a customized look by mixing and matching wall panels, accent panels, joints and trim. 

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide


    Whether you have a standard alcove shower or something more customizable, shower wall systems work in most any configuration. 

    • Simply choose a wall kit or individual walls to be easily custom fit on-site
    • For a custom shower, mix and match wall designs and colors with your choice of joints and trim
  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide


    Shower walls are available in a range of colors, patterns and textures to personalize your space while coordinating with other fixtures. As an option, you can add accent panels to complete the look of your showering space. Walls can be field-trimmed and come with a factory-molded edge on all four sides. 

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide


    Select optional corner joints, seam joints or edge trim to cover silicone caulk and to give your shower an extra dose of style and polish. 

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide


    Wall kits include three shower walls–one back wall and two end walls–of the same design and color, plus two matching corner joints. Kits are available in an array of textures, colors and sizes. 

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