Shower Walls and Bases Guide

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  • Shower Accessories

    Thoughtfully designed accessories and innovative storage solutions help keep everything in its place and streamline your shower routine. Organizing with clever accessories creates a comfortable and convenient space.

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide


    Adaptable shelves can be placed anywhere in the shower, giving you the freedom to set up your shower storage any way you see fit. Or mount shelves outside the shower for additional storage. 

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide


    Providing personal storage that discreetly blends into the environment for a clean, organized shower space, Shower Locker units feature shelves, baskets and hooks. 

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide


    Several models are available including freestanding seats for added comfort and safety while showering. 

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide


    Decorative and ADA-compliant grab bars are available in several designs and finishes so you can shower with a greater degree of security and convenience.

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