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  • Shower Bases

    This is the foundation of your shower. A solid shower base brings a certain peace of mind with it: you don’t have to worry about grout maintenance or cleaning. If you choose to go with a base over stone or tile, there are a few things to think about as you choose. Size, shape and material are the obvious ones, but you may also want to consider the height of the threshold where you enter and exit and the where the drain is placed. Like most bathroom fixtures, bases are available in a range of colors and styles to coordinate with the overall space.

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide

    Shower Base Shapes


    Roomier than the square, a rectangle base is often used to replace standard alcove baths in the 60" x 32" size. 


  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide



    For small bathroom spaces, a square base offers a compact solution. Larger sizes are available as well. 

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide



    A corner shower stall is designed to be fit into a corner while still providing a comfortable space in which to shower. 


    Shower Base Sizes

    A wide range of sizes are available to accommodate standard shower spaces, including options designed to replace an alcove bath.

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide

    Shower Base Materials

    Enameled Cast Iron Shower Bases
    Enameled cast iron features a thick, highly durable enamel with a glossy finish. Cast iron can also be made partially from recycled iron for a more sustainable process. 

    Browse enameled cast iron shower bases. 

    Acrylic Shower Bases
    A strong, flex-resistant material, acrylic has a smooth finish that resists chipping and cracking, and it is easy to clean. 

    Browse acrylic shower bases. 

    Acrylic With Concrete Core Shower Bases
    These bases feature a durable resin concrete

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide

    Additional Shower Base Features


    Drains can be located in the center, to one side or in the rear of the base. Additionally drains can be recessed and covered to be flush with the base. Drains and drain covers are available in a variety of finishes and colors to complement your space.

  • Shower Walls and Bases Guide


    Whether you’d like the comfort of a shower seat now or you’re planning for the future, bases with spacious integral seats can bring an extra element of convenience and safety to the shower. 

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