Kitchen Faucets Guide

Kitchen Faucets Guide

  1. Considerations

  2. Form

  3. Function

  4. Finishes

  5. Other Considerations

  • Other Considerations

    Along with the faucet, you can add functional accessories that streamline kitchen tasks and keep countertops and sink bowls tidy.

  • Other Considerations

    Accessories: The Finishing Touch

    Soap/Lotion Dispensers

    Keep your countertop tidy and your favorite soaps and lotions easily accessible.

    • Use for liquid soap, dishwashing liquid or hand lotion

    • Under-the-sink container keeps countertop clear

    • Available in a range of designs and finishes

  • Other Considerations

    Strainers And Disposal Flanges

    Strainers help your sink drain smoothly. Disposal flanges keep debris from clogging your drain.

    • Available in a variety of finishes to coordinate with your faucet

    • Easy to install


  • Other Considerations


    Sidesprays and hole covers are small – but important – finishing touches.

    • Pair a sidespray with a standard-spout faucet for a convenient way to rinse dishes and clean the sink

    • Hole covers let you cover the extra sink hole drillings when installing a single-handle faucet on a three-hole sink

  • Other Considerations

    Pot Fillers

    Fill your pot right where you need it and avoid carrying a heavy, water-filled pot across the kitchen.

    • Inspired by professional chefs
    • Installed above or next to your stovetop
    • Mount to counter or wall

  • Other Considerations

    Faucets For The Second Sink

    Choose a faucet for your second sink. You’ll gain a convenient extra prep area, hand washing station or separate bar sink for entertaining.


  • Other Considerations

    Beverage Faucets

    Add convenience and streamline your entertaining with faucets that provide pure, refreshing water.

    • Dispense filtered drinking water
    • Cold-water and hot-water systems available


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