Kitchen Faucets Guide

Kitchen Faucets Guide

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  • Choose your faucet finish

    Choose a finish that complements other metals in the room or one that makes its own bold style statement. Find a range of beautiful finishes for any kitchen design.

  • Kohler Lasting Finishes

    We offer one of the largest selections of faucet finishes – from warm brushed tones to brilliant polished hues. As tough as they are beautiful, each one resists corrosion twice as well as the industry standard.

    Vibrant® faucet finishes are created using PVD – physical vapor deposition – to bond the finish and faucet together at the molecular level. This process creates an incredibly strong surface that’s scratch- and tarnish-resistant.

    All KOHLER finishes are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

    Learn more about our faucet finishes.

  • Choose your faucet finish

    Popular Finishes for Kitchen Faucets


    Polished Chrome (CP)

    Polished chrome coordinates beautifully with a wide variety of fixture styles and types of décor. It works particularly well for evoking a nostalgic look but also complements contemporary styles.

    Browse all Polished Chrome (CP) Kitchen Faucets

    Learn more about our faucet finishes.

  • Choose your faucet finish

    Vibrant Stainless (VS)

    Vibrant Stainless color hue is slightly warmer than Brushed Chrome, but cooler than Brushed Nickel and is a true reflection of the stainless steel finish of sink and appliance surfaces.

    Browse all Vibrant Stainless (VS) Kitchen Faucets


  • Choose your faucet finish

    Vibrant Brushed Bronze (BV)

    Vibrant Brushed Bronze goes equally well with traditional and contemporary décor. It can be particularly effective for a cabin style or other rustic look.

    Browse all Vibrant Brushed Bronze (BV) Kitchen Faucets




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