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Fill in your basic information and electronic product information purchased with KOHLER Taiwan in the form below, and you will enjoy an extended one-year maintenance warranty service after approval. (Exclusive for Kohler intelligent toilet, and bidet seats)


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Warranty service terms

1) The valid regions and terms applicable to this limited warranty are only applicable to Taiwan; please refer to the warranty of each product for the valid regions and terms applicable to the international warranty

2) If there is a warranty requirement, consumers need to provide the purchase invoice or warranty card for the local legally authorized repair center to check.

3) In the event of product repairs that are discontinued or short of repair parts, the product will be replaced with the same product after depreciation, or after the consumer's consent, an upgrade will be provided and the price difference will be charged.

4) Only provide the original warranty period and conditions.

Overseas products

Products that are not sold by KOHLER Taiwan (such as KOHLER products brought in or purchased from other countries), and some overseas products may not be repaired in Taiwan due to the following circumstances:

1. There are obvious differences in product specifications.

2. Due to differences in maintenance environment conditions (such as signal frequency bands, voltages, etc.), there is a lack of relevant maintenance support providers in the local area.

3. Repair parts are large-volume components, or there are no relevant parts in stock, and production is discontinued.

Non-warranty coverage

1) The product has exceeded the warranty period provided by the company.

2) The dealer’s shop seal is not stamped on the guarantee, or the information has been altered. The content is ambiguous, the purchase date is not filled in truthfully, etc.

3) Damage or malfunction caused by natural disasters, insect (rat) damage, electric shock, etc.

4) Failure caused by products (equipment) other than the machine itself. Failure to operate in accordance with product specifications, user manuals, or use third-party applications to cause product abnormalities or operating system changes.

5) The cause of the failure is beyond the scope of the original manufacturer’s warranty, such as: moisture, damage, deformation, use of a non-original operating system for the product, disassembly and repair by a non-original authorized repair center, or use of non-original parts.

6) Man-made failures occurred during movement, transportation, or improper placement.

7) Failure caused by the use of other equipment and accessories that do not meet the applicable specifications of the product body.

8) Inapplicable power circuit, voltage and current.

9) The tolerance within the design specification does not affect the functional operation of parts and products.

The above listed, if there is any change or need to supplement the description, the latest announcement will prevail, and the detailed content of the change will be published on the company's website. KOHLER Taiwan reserves the right of final interpretation.

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