Kitchen Sinks Guide

Kitchen Sinks Guide

  1. Considerations

  2. Installation

  3. Bowl Configuration

  4. Materials

  5. Other Considerations

  • Choose your installation type

    There are three sink styles, each with a specific type of installation: top-mount, under-mount and apron-front. Consider your kitchen cabinet size and what kitchen sink installation type will work best with your cabinet configuration.

  • Choose your installation type

    Top-Mount Sinks

    • Easiest to install
    • Often used with laminate countertops
    • Sink rim extends above countertop surface
  • Choose your installation type

    Under-Mount Sinks

    • Mounted beneath your countertop
    • Used with solid-surface, stone and quartz countertops 
    • Easily sweep debris off counter and into bowl
  • Choose your installation type

    Apron-Front Sinks

    • Sometimes called a farmhouse sink
    • Notable for its attractive front panel or apron
    • Short apron option lets you install with conventional cabinetry
    • Available in both enameled cast iron and stainless steel
    • Available in under-mount, top-mount and tile-in models

    Learn more about apron-front kitchen sinks

  • Choose your installation type

    Tile-In Sinks

    A tile-in sink is specially designed for installation in a tile countertop. It has a flat edge that allows the installer to butt the tile up against the sink and grout the sink as if it were another tile.

    • The tile butts against the sink edge for a clean look similar to that of an undermount sink 
    • The sink edge has square, not rounded, corners
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